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Episode 8 Bonus Content!

What's Up with Norwood

Episode 8 is now LIVE!  Give it a listen, and check out the bonus content below!

This Week's Guests!


"Broken" Video!

Watch my "Broken" music video to learn more about homelessness amount LGBT youth and how Lost-n-Found Youth is helping them in Atlanta.  Wanna support their work?  Donate at + download "Broken" on iTunes (proceeds to benefit LNFY)!

#Trending Topics of Episode 6

What's Up with Norwood

Pope Baby!

This week featured a historic visit to the US from Pope Francis!  My favorite happening of the visit so far is….the Pope Baby.  A couple who wanted their baby to be blessed by Pope Francis dressed the baby up in little white robes and a Pope hat.  The baby caught the attention of the Pope’s security detail who brought the baby up to the Popemobile where Pope Francis laughed, kissed the baby, and blessed it.  According to reports, the Pope said the parents have “a great sense of humor”! 

Glass Suspension Bridge in China!

China’s Hunan provence is now the home to the world’s longest glass (yes, that’s right - GLASS) suspension bridge!  It is nearly 1,000 feet long, almost 600 feet off the ground, and since the glass is clear you can see all the way down!  The scariest part - the glass is less than an inch thick!!  They say it is 25 times stronger than regular glass, but I’m not sure I would trust my life on that…would you ever walk across this thing??  Lemme know in the comments below!

Supermoon Eclipse

Another world event last night was the Supermoon eclipse - did you see it?  I was too lazy to step outside and look at it (Give me a break!  It was raining…), but I’m not alone!  

Supermodel Chrissy Teigan didn’t see it either, and said on Twitter:  "I am so lazy I thought about looking at the super moon and decided 2033 isn't even that far away”  So if you are just as lazy as me and Chrissy, you’re in luck as pictures are all over the internet ;)

TomorrowWorld Rained Out!

One of the year’s biggest Electronic Music Festivals “TomorrowWorld" took place just outside of Atlanta this weekend, but Mother Nature wasn’t having ANY of it!

On Saturday night the constant rain not only put an overall damper on the event, BUT it turned the dirt parking lots and roads leading to the event into mud.  The event organizers closed the roads AND the hotel shuttles leaving thousands of hungover, wet, muddy festival goers stranded in the rain.  No shelter was provided - the only option was to wait out the weather in the mud, or make the 5 mile trek to the nearest semblance of civilization by foot through dark, wooded roads.  Plus, there wasn’t any reliable cell phone service, so attendees couldn’t call for a ride, though even if they could, Uber wouldn’t have been able to get past the closed roads.  

Organizers closed the event on Sunday to the general public, only allowing those camping on-site to attend.  However, that didn’t stop thousands of ticket holders from showing up on Sunday only to be denied entry.  TomorrowWorld is now offering refunds for Sunday ticket holders.  

Shoutout to our friend Ian Schumacher to did perform at TomorrowWorld on Sunday - Facebook reports that it was a fantastic show.  Way to go man!

Best and Worst of the EMMYs Red Carpet - featuring Wardrobe Stylist Kathy An!

What's Up with Norwood

Catch up on the best and worst dressed at last night's EMMY's!  Here you'll find my picks, as well as picks by Wardrobe Stylist Kathy An (who was one of our special guests on this week's show)!  Check out the show on iTunes tomorrow!

 Agree with us?  Disagree?  Got your own faves?  Let us know in the comments below!

Norwood Best Dressed

Kathy An Best Dressed

Norwood Worst Dressed

Kathy An Worst Dressed